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Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024: Menus Highlights, Dates

Welcome to a thrilling culinary journey in Ann Arbor, Michigan! Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024 is about to begin. It’s a time to explore the city’s top dining spots and their delicious offerings. Are you excited for this journey through taste?

From January 21 to 26, 2024, over 30 local restaurants will participate. They’re excited to show off Michigan’s dynamic food scene. Whether you live here or are visiting, this week is perfect for anyone who loves good food.

This celebration allows you to try a variety of gourmet dishes. Chefs have prepared special menus to showcase their skills and flavors. Get ready for a unique culinary adventure during Restaurant Week.

Prepare to enjoy amazing flavors and discover new dining spots. It’s time to make your reservations for an unforgettable experience. Make sure not to miss out on this feast in Ann Arbor. Keep an eye out for more info on the participating restaurants and offers!

Participating Restaurants and Menus

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024 features many restaurants with different menus and deals. Fans of all dining types will find something they enjoy. Notable restaurants include:

  • Zingerman’s Delicatessen
  • Gandy Dancer
  • Jolly Pumpkin
  • Aventura

These places are known for top-notch food and memorable experiences. Many will offer special prix fixe menus during the event. This lets guests try several dishes at a lower price. It’s a perfect chance to try new tastes and dishes.

Experience Ann Arbor’s tasty offerings as restaurants display their best dishes and deals. You’ll find plenty of choices, from gourmet to traditional Michigan cuisine.

Unique Menus and Special Promotions

Every restaurant brings something unique to the table. Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024 has choices for both meat-lovers and vegetarians. Enjoy gourmet meals or try traditional Michigan flavors.

There are many special deals to take advantage of. This is your chance to enjoy Ann Arbor’s finest without spending a lot. Don’t miss this chance to explore different foods at great prices.

Lunch Offers and Family Meals To Go

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024 isn’t just about dinner. Places like Sava’s, Real Seafood Co., and Zingerman’s Delicatessen have great lunch deals and family meals to go.

Lunch deals let you enjoy tasty dishes at lower prices in the day. It’s a chance to try Ann Arbor’s best food without spending a lot. There’s something for everyone, whether you want local specials or comfort food.

Want to eat at home? Try Zingerman’s Delicatessen’s family meals to go. They’re made to give you a top-notch meal at home without cooking. Just order, pick up, and enjoy with your family.

Sample Lunch Offers:

Restaurant Lunch Special
Sava’s Two-course lunch menu with a choice of appetizer and entrée
Real Seafood Co. Seafood lunch platter with a variety of fresh catches and sides
Zingerman’s Delicatessen Your choice of deli sandwich, side, and a sweet treat

Here are some examples of the lunch offers for Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024. Remember to check your favorite restaurants for more choices.

lunch offers and family meals to go

Enjoy local food specials during Ann Arbor Restaurant Week. Look into the lunch deals and family meals to go. There are lots of choices, either for a quick meal or a gourmet one at home.

Chef Highlights and Course Menus

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024 is a celebration. It highlights the talents of local chefs. They have prepared special menus for an amazing dining experience.

Chefs like Chef Ava Yau of Of Rice & Men and Chef Joe Trzewikowski of Carlyle Grill will be featured. They’ve each crafted their menus to showcase their unique styles. This ensures an unforgettable experience for diners.

The course menus for this event cater to all tastes. Looking for Mediterranean cuisine or Japanese sushi? Prefer classic American bistro fare? You’ll find amazing choices here.

These chefs will take you on a culinary journey with their dishes. You’ll enjoy exquisite appetizers, flavorful main courses, and decadent desserts. Each course shows the chefs’ skills and passion.

Dive into a memorable gourmet experience during Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024. Explore diverse menus and taste culinary masterpieces. Raise your dining experience to a new level.


Experience the artistry of renowned chefs like Chef Ava Yau and Chef Joe Trzewikowski.

Enjoy a wide variety of course menus showcasing Mediterranean, Japanese, and American cuisine.

Elevate your dining experience with delectable appetizers, main courses, and decadent desserts.

Sample Course Menu:

Course Menu
Appetizer Grilled Octopus with Lemon Aioli
Main Course Miso-Glazed Black Cod with Forbidden Rice
Dessert Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake

Join us for a culinary adventure during Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024. It’s a chance to enjoy unique chef highlights and course menus. Experience the exceptional dishes created by Ann Arbor’s talented chefs.

Vegetarian and Vegan Options

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024 is a great time for vegetarian and vegan diners. Many plant-based menus and vegetarian-friendly places are part of it. Places like Blue Llama Jazz Club, Seva, and Cafe Zola offer dishes everyone will love.

vegetarian and vegan options

At Blue Llama Jazz Club, the vibe is lively with music, and the food is amazing. They have dishes like roasted vegetable pappardelle and a tasty Beyond Burger. There’s something for every vegetarian.

Seva stands out as a favorite spot for vegetarians in Ann Arbor. They use plants in new and exciting ways on their menu. Enjoy their Seva Pad Thai with spiralized zucchini or their flavorful tofu stir-fries.

Cafe Zola gives a European feel and supports vegetarian and vegan eating. Try their Veggie Power Bowl. It’s a mix of roasted veggies, grains, and protein-rich legumes. It’s fulfilling and delicious.

Plant-Based Menus

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024 also welcomes vegans with special menus. These menus are creative and go beyond just salads. Try the Plant-Based Bolognese from The Lunch Room or the Vegan Pad Thai from The Earle. Your taste buds will thank you.

Cafe Zola is known for its excellent vegan menu, featuring a Vegan Mediterranean Plate. This dish has hummus, tabbouleh, olives, and grilled veggies. It’s fresh and shows the variety of plant-based foods.

If you love vegetarian food or just want to try it, Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024 is not to be missed. The event is full of vegetarian and vegan-friendly eateries. They promise delicious meals that also promote a vegetarian lifestyle.

Restaurant Vegetarian Options Vegan Options
Blue Llama Jazz Club Roasted vegetable pappardelle
Beyond Burger
Seva Tofu stir-fries
Seva Pad Thai
Cafe Zola Vegetarian Power Bowl Vegan Mediterranean Plate

Dining Discounts and Promotions

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024 is full of exciting dining discounts and promotions. Participating restaurants offer special deals. It’s a great chance to try new places or go back to your favorites. You can enjoy a gourmet meal for much less than usual.

During this week, you can enjoy prix fixe menus at a lower price. This lets you try many dishes. Also, some dishes are available at a discount. This is great for tasting various flavors without spending a lot.

If you love food and want a great deal, Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024 is for you. The deals allow you to explore new tastes and support local spots. It’s a perfect time to enjoy this food event.

For more about these deals, visit the official website. You can also check social media of the places taking part. Keep an eye out for updates and don’t miss these amazing deals!

dining discounts

Example Dining Discounts and Promotions

Restaurant Promotion
Zingerman’s Delicatessen 25% off of their famous Reuben sandwich during lunch hours
Jolly Pumpkin Prix fixe menu offering three courses for $30
Aventura 20% off of their signature tapas dishes

Other Restaurant Week Happenings

Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024 isn’t just about dining out. It also includes other exciting events and deals. Ashley’s and Zingerman’s Delicatessen are hosting unique food happenings. These make the week a tasty adventure for all food lovers. The events you shouldn’t miss are:

Bourbon Dinners at Ashley’s

At Ashley’s, there’s a special dinner event for bourbon fans. You’ll get to try a menu that goes well with different bourbons. It’s a chance to explore a range of flavors that enhance the whiskey experience. If you enjoy bourbon or want to try something new, this event is perfect for you.

Macaron Specials at Zingerman’s Delicatessen

Zingerman’s Delicatessen invites you to taste the world of French pastry. For Restaurant Week 2024, they’re offering mouth-watering macaron specials. You’ll find classic flavors like raspberry and pistachio, plus new, exciting ones. It’s a great opportunity to dive into the art of macarons.

This Restaurant Week is more than just eating out. It’s a chance to dive deeper into Ann Arbor’s food scene. Whether you love bourbon or macarons, there’s something for everyone. Explore and find your new favorite dish.

food events

Parking and Logistics

If you’re planning to attend Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024, it’s essential to be aware of parking and logistics. Downtown Ann Arbor offers convenient options for parking, ensuring a hassle-free experience during this culinary event.

Parking in downtown Ann Arbor

Downtown Ann Arbor has many parking choices. These include public parking structures, surface lots, and on-street spaces. Depending on your preference, you’ll find suitable spots near the restaurants.

Metered parking needs attention from Monday to Saturday. Make sure to have change or use mobile pay. On Sundays, parking is free, making it easier if you’re dining over the weekend.

For more details on parking, visit the Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority’s website. This site gives info on locations and rates. It will assist you with parking decisions, ensuring a smooth Restaurant Week 2024.

Stay Connected with Ann Arbor Restaurant Week

To keep up with Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024, connect online. This way, you won’t miss out on any news.

Follow us on social media for updates. Get info on menus, restaurants, and special deals. You’ll find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Join other food lovers, share your meals, and learn about new stuff first.

Also, check the official website for more details. It has everything you need about menus and events. Dive into the website to see what’s cooking. Look at chef specials and find new places to eat you’ll love.

Stay in touch online to keep track of Restaurant Week news. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy great food. Discover new tastes and enjoy this food festival to the fullest.

restaurant week updates


Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024 is perfect for food lovers. Explore local cuisine through a wide range of restaurants. These eateries offer special menus and discounts.

During Ann Arbor Restaurant Week 2024, you’ll embark on a unique gastronomic journey. You’ll discover new flavors in fine dining and trendy spots. This is your chance to dive into Ann Arbor’s rich culinary culture.

Don’t forget to mark your calendars for this exciting event. Both locals and visitors will be amazed by the diverse dishes. Come celebrate Ann Arbor’s passion for food and longtime culinary traditions with us. This event will be unforgettable!

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