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Baerbock: Traffic lights debate loudly – but solve problems

“Quieter would sometimes be better”
Baerbock: Traffic lights debate loudly – but solve problems

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Nuclear power plants, basic child welfare, heating law: after two years of the traffic light coalition, the list of internal disputes is already long. Foreign Minister Baerbock still gives the government partners a good report. However, on certain topics they would have to “do even more”.

Despite the many internal disputes, Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock gave the federal government a good report on the mid-term review. Even if the traffic light discusses a little louder, you can see that it is able to solve problems and challenges, said the Green politician at the small party conference of the Bavarian Greens in Munich. “Sometimes it might be a bit quieter. But we managed it.”

As an example, she cited the handling of the gas crisis last winter, which was successful thanks to social efforts. At the same time, Baerbock emphasized that the traffic light government “needs to do even more” when it comes to digitalization and wind power. “With all the thousands of problems that we of course have in our country, there are so many people in this world who envy our problems,” she said.

Baerbock appealed to the members of the Green Party not to be “led crazy” by the hatred and agitation and the badmouthing of “this great country” by supporters of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “We can make a difference, every day. And this difference, this difference is very easy. You can make a new decision every day.”

This also applies to the progressive division in the country, which is being pushed by the conservatives through speeches about bratwurst and green kernel patty, oat milk and Alpine milk, said Baerbock. “Why this culture war on an open stage when it is actually completely normal in everyday life, in people's lives?”

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