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Bartsch calls for East Germany summit

“Dissatisfaction is boiling over”
Bartsch calls for East Germany summit

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The AfD could become the strongest force in all three state elections next year: in Thuringia, Saxony and Brandenburg. In order to avert this, the federal government must act urgently, warns Left Party leader Bartsch – and also makes suggestions.

Shortly before German Unity Day on October 3rd, Left Party leader Dietmar Bartsch called on the federal government to convene a top meeting on East Germany. “The discontent in the East is boiling over,” Bartsch told the editorial network Germany (RND). An East Germany summit is therefore needed in the Chancellery.

The federal government must “make a noticeable change in its policy if there is not to be a political disaster in the state elections in the east next year.” In 2024, a new state parliament will be elected in Saxony, Thuringia and Brandenburg. In all three countries, the AfD is currently leading the polls and has scores of more than 30 percent. In nationwide surveys, the AfD currently reaches 21 to 23 percent. This puts it in second place after the CDU/CSU.

What is needed is a consistent anti-inflation policy that avoids anything that makes life more expensive and does everything to reduce prices, especially for food and energy, said Bartsch. In addition, wages in East and West must be equalized by 2025 and the pension system reformed. “A pension system similar to that in Austria, where pensioners receive an average of 800 euros more than in this country, is necessary,” said the Left parliamentary group leader.

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