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Biden and Macron emphasize unity in supporting Ukraine

“The whole of Europe will be threatened”
Biden and Macron emphasize unity in supporting Ukraine

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The US and France are by no means always on the same page when it comes to supporting Ukraine. The presidents of both countries are now using Biden's state visit to France to demonstrate their willingness to cooperate and to send a clear message to opponents and allies alike.

Despite the disagreement over sending military trainers to the country attacked by Russia, the US and France have stressed their willingness to support Ukraine together. During his state visit to France, US President Joe Biden said in Paris that the US stands firmly by Ukraine and its allies. He warned again: “Putin will not stop in Ukraine.”

Much more would be at stake if Russian President Vladimir Putin succeeded in subjugating Ukraine: “All of Europe will be threatened. We will not let that happen.” In the support of Ukraine by France and the USA, one can also see the power of allies and how much can be achieved when one stands together, said Biden.

“We have reacted collectively to support this European nation that is fighting for its survival and its freedom, and we will do so for as long and as intensely as necessary,” Macron said. “On the Ukraine issue, we have a common position, that of respect for international law, the freedom of peoples to govern themselves, this fundamental right for our nations.” Macron also thanked Biden for the US being on Europe's side.

Macron wants to use Russia's billions for Ukraine

The previous evening, Macron had reiterated his willingness to send military trainers to Ukraine together with partners. However, the US government has made it clear that it does not want to take part in this. Neither Macron nor Biden addressed the issue during their joint appearance.

Macron also expressed confidence that an agreement would be reached on the use of interest income from the frozen Russian central bank funds. France and the USA hope that all G7 members will agree to a loan of 50 billion US dollars for Ukraine. The finance ministers of the G7 countries discussed ways of using the interest income in mid-May. The USA had suggested that the G7 could give Ukraine a large loan that would be secured by interest income from the frozen Russian central bank funds. The EU countries have so far taken a cautious stance on this.

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