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Carol Burnett Net Worth 2024: Details About Height, and, Movies, TV, Age, Shows

What is Carol Burnett’s net worth in 2024? She earns from movies, TV shows, and more. Let’s explore the finances of this iconic comedian and actress.

Carol Burnett’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is $50 million. But what about her future finances? Will her wealth keep growing? Dive in to find out.

Early Life and Education

Carol Burnett, a beloved American actress and comedian, was born on April 26, 1933, in San Antonio, Texas. She faced many challenges after her parents divorced when she was young. She moved to Hollywood for a new beginning and more chances.

In Hollywood, Burnett went to Hollywood High School and found her love for performing. She studied theater and musical comedy at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Her education sharpened her skills and prepared her for a bright future in show business.

Burnett didn’t let personal struggles stop her. Her hard work and talent set her on a path to fame. Her early years and schooling were key in shaping her into the star she became.

Early Career and Breakthrough

Carol Burnett moved to New York to start her career in the entertainment industry. She first performed in nightclubs, where she showed off her comedic talent. Broadway producers noticed her during this time.

In 1959, Burnett got a lead role in “Once Upon a Mattress.” This role won her critical acclaim. It marked her as a rising Broadway star.

Hollywood High School

Burnett’s talent made her popular, and soon she entered television. She debuted on The Garry Moore Show in 1962. There, she displayed her comedic skills and won her first Emmy. This showed Burnett could shine on both stage and TV.

Carol Burnett’s journey from nightclubs to Broadway and finally to television launched her into the spotlight, setting the stage for her unprecedented success.

But it was The Carol Burnett Show that made her a superstar. This variety show, which ran from 1967 to 1978, became a TV legend. It was known for its comedy, characters, and music.

Hollywood High School

As a student, Carol Burnett went to Hollywood High School. It’s where she first loved performing arts. The school helped her build a strong acting foundation.

Recognition and Accolades

Carol Burnett has earned many awards in her career. She is known for her comedy and has won the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and several Golden Globes. Her legacy in comedy is cherished worldwide.

Awards Year
Mark Twain Prize for American Humor 2013
Presidential Medal of Freedom 2005
Golden Globe Awards 7
Emmy Awards Multiple

The Carol Burnett Show

The Carol Burnett Show aired from 1967 to 1978. It featured the talented Carol Burnett as its star and creator. This show made Burnett a comedy icon and a loved entertainer.

Burnett captured hearts with her comedy and style. She played characters like the lovable cleaning lady, Mrs. Wiggins, and the funny Eunice. Her timing made these characters unforgettable, making viewers laugh a lot.

The show was famous for its songs and big productions. Burnett showed off her singing and dancing. She often performed with famous guests and Vicki Lawrence, who was like a sister on the show. These performances made the show even more fun.

“I’m so glad we had this time together.” – Carol Burnett

The Carol Burnett Show was also known for its funny skits and talking with the audience. Burnett and her team made fun of movies, TV shows, and trends. This made the show stand out and feel relevant.

During its time, The Carol Burnett Show won many Emmy and Golden Globe Awards. Burnett’s way of making people laugh and feel close to her made her a legend. She has a lasting influence on comedy.

The Carol Burnett Show has a lasting influence. It inspires comedians today. The laughter and happiness it brought to people remind us of Carol Burnett’s huge talent and impact.

Film and Television Roles

Carol Burnett has been active beyond The Carol Burnett Show. She has played roles in various films and TV shows.

Some notable film roles include:

  1. “Annie”
  2. “Noises Off”
  3. “The Four Seasons”
  4. “Horton Hears a Who”

Burnett also impressed in popular TV series:

  • “Desperate Housewives”
  • “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”

On Broadway, Burnett has shone in:

  • “Moon Over Buffalo”
  • “Putting It All Together”

Her career spans acting with humor and a wide range of roles. Burnett has always captivated audiences with her comedy and versatility.

Hollywood Bowl Orchestra

Return to Broadway and Later Career

Carol Burnett came back to Broadway after some time off. She shone in “Moon Over Buffalo” and “Putting It All Together.” These roles showed off her great talent and proved she’s a varied and skilled actress.

Burnett has also continued to appear on TV shows. Her funny skills and charm have charmed viewers. People love watching her on different shows because of her lively personality.

Recently, Burnett took on new challenges that showed how much people love her. In 2022, she appeared in “Better Call Saul,” a hit AMC drama.

Her acting was praised by everyone. It showed she can take on many kinds of roles.

In 2024, Burnett was in “Palm Royale,” a comedy on Apple TV+. She played a quirky character. Her role was well-received and proved she’s still a great comedian.

Carol Burnett on stage

Burnett’s comeback to Broadway and her TV success show her wide range. Her acts keep winning hearts. She has earned many awards, including Emmys, Golden Globes, and a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Awards and Honors

Burnett has been widely praised in the entertainment world. She has received many awards during her career. These honors show her amazing talent and her impact on comedy.

Some of her top awards and honors include:

  • Seven Primetime Emmy Awards
  • A Tony Award
  • A Grammy Award
  • Seven Golden Globe Awards

In 2005, she was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom. This highlighted her big contributions to the arts and her lasting legacy.

In 2013, Burnett was given the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. This prize is for those who have deeply impacted comedy.

“Burnett’s talent and comedic genius have made her a legend in the entertainment industry. She has earned acclaim and recognition everywhere.”

Burnett is respected by peers and loved by audiences. She is one of the most influential and successful in the entertainment world.

Producer Joe Hamilton and the Carol Burnett Show

Burnett’s ex-husband, Joe Hamilton, was essential to her career. He was critical in creating The Carol Burnett Show, which aired from 1967 to 1978.

The show was a unique blend of sketch comedy, songs, and great performances. Burnett’s charm and comedy made the show a hit and made her a legend.

Even after their divorce in 1984, Burnett and Hamilton’s work on The Carol Burnett Show is a major part of TV history.

The Rise to Stardom and Beyond

Burnett was a success from a young age. By 38, The Carol Burnett Show had launched her career further into stardom.

After the show ended, she kept impacting the entertainment world. Burnett starred in films and TV shows, winning over audiences with her talent and unforgettable performances.

Married to Brian Miller

Following her divorce from Joe Hamilton, Burnett married Brian Miller in 2001. Their strong relationship has stood the test of time.

Together, Burnett and Miller support each other through life’s highs and lows. Their marriage is a symbol of Burnett’s commitment to love and happiness.

Award Year
Primetime Emmy Awards 7 wins
Tony Award 1 win
Grammy Award 1 win
Golden Globe Awards 7 wins

Carol Burnett Awards

Personal Life and Legacy

Burnett made significant strides in comedy during her career. While her net worth grew, she focused on her personal life. She also left a lasting mark in the industry.

Carol Burnett was married three times. She first married Don Saroyan, ending in 1962. Then, she married TV producer Joe Hamilton in 1963, having three children with him. Their marriage ended in 1984. Burnett’s third marriage was to Brian Miller in 2001, who is 23 years younger than her.

Burnett’s impact goes beyond her personal life. She became a key figure in promoting women in comedy. By breaking down barriers, she helped future generations. Her work in Fresno shows her dedication and talent in mixing comedy with song.

Her talent in comedy has made her a trailblazer and inspiration. By showcasing her skills, she has made a significant mark on the industry. She has become a symbol of empowerment for women in comedy.

To sum it up, Carol Burnett’s career is marked by her incredible talent in comedy, successful TV shows, and influential contributions. Her impact goes beyond her net worth. She has uplifted the voices of women in comedy, creating a lasting legacy.

Carol Burnett

Philanthropy and Influence

Carol Burnett is not just known for her comedy. She has also done a lot of good through philanthropy and advocacy. She uses her fame to help with education and the arts. This shows her as a caring role model.

Burnett’s influence goes beyond her TV shows. She has shared her life story in several memoirs, highlighting 90 years of joy. She has won Grammys, Emmys, and Golden Globes. These awards mark her as an unforgettable icon.

Burnett has made people laugh and inspired new talents in comedy. Her work has touched many lives, making her a lasting role model. She shows the power of bringing joy through entertainment.

“I’m so grateful to be able to do what I do, and I never take it for granted. But it’s also important to recognize the power of laughter and entertainment in making a positive difference. Laughter can heal, uplift, and create unity. If I’ve been able to bring a little joy into people’s lives, then I consider it a privilege.” – Carol Burnett

positive impact

Achievement Year
Received Presidential Medal of Freedom 2005
Mark Twain Prize for American Humor 2013
Published memoirs with Grammy nominations Ongoing
Advocacy for education and the arts Ongoing


Carol Burnett’s journey in entertainment is truly amazing. Starting in San Antonio, Texas, she became a comedy legend. Her talent and humor have been loved for over 90 years.

The The Carol Burnett Show wowed audiences from 1967 to 1978. With her wide range of funny characters and musical acts, she stood out. Thanks to her humor, she has won Emmy and Golden Globe awards.

Burnett has made people laugh and left a mark on showbiz. She’s worth an estimated $45 million. Her journey from UCLA to Broadway and then to TV and movies shows her legacy as a comedy icon.

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