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Is Holey Moley Coming Back In 2024

Attention all Holey Moley fans! Are you ready to take on the wildest mini-golf course on TV? If you’re eager for the return of Holey Moley, we have exciting news. Will Holey Moley come back for another round in 2024? Let’s find out what’s in store for this popular show.

Funlab, the brain behind Holey Moley, is growing its reach in the U.S. They are opening a new Holey Moley venue in Austin, Texas. It’s in a revamped former Native Hostel building, set to open in late March 2024. But does this hint at a comeback for the show?

So far, there’s no word on a fifth season for Holey Moley. Yet, the show has been a hit during the summer on ABC. It draws in viewers with its unique fun. So, could we see a return? Are we going to celebrate more Holey Moley moments?

Let’s dive into the latest news, ratings, and the show’s impact on its network. Discover how this unique mini-golf game has won over fans. See what might be next for Holey Moley. Keep an eye out for more updates and get ready for more mini-golf action!

Holey Moley Austin Opening in March 2024

Holey Moley Austin, the highly anticipated mini-golf and entertainment venue, is set to open its doors in March 2024. It’s located in the heart of Austin, Texas. This exciting new attraction will offer a unique and immersive experience.

The venue will feature a mini-golf course with 27 creatively designed holes. These holes are inspired by iconic moments and pop culture references. Whether you’re into classic films, music, or famous landmarks, something will delight everyone.

But the fun doesn’t stop at mini-golf. Holey Moley Austin will also have a vibrant bar. Here, you can relax and enjoy refreshing drinks after playing. The bar will offer a wide selection of beverages, like craft cocktails, local beers, and non-alcoholic options.

In addition to mini-golf and the bar, Holey Moley Austin will feature a large outdoor space. It comes with a stage for live music and entertainment. You can dance to local bands or enjoy a performance while enjoying the beautiful Austin weather.

Holey Moley Austin will also pay tribute to the local arts scene. It will showcase art commissioned by talented graffiti artists from the Austin community. Their art will add an extra layer of visual appeal to the venue, making an Instagram-worthy experience.

Got a song in your heart? Holey Moley Austin has a private karaoke room. You and your friends can belt out your favorite tunes in a fun, private setting.

Looking for a fun night out, a unique date night, or even a corporate event? Holey Moley Austin is now accepting bookings for events of various sizes. Don’t miss out on the chance to be among the first to enjoy this exciting new addition to Austin’s entertainment scene.

Holey Moley Renewal Status for Season Five

As of March 31, 2024, Holey Moley fans are on the edge of their seats. They want to know if there will be a fifth season. Although the show does well on ABC’s summer lineup, there’s still no news on its future.

The show is loved for its mix of sport and fun obstacles. It has hooked a wide audience with its blend of humor and golf challenges. This keeps people coming back for more.

Holey Moley offers a mix of amateur and pro golfers in entertaining competitions. Its upbeat vibe, engaging hosts, and dynamic challenges make it stand out. It’s not your typical reality TV show.

Fans are eagerly waiting for updates about a new season. The show’s past successes give hope for its return. High ratings and a dedicated fanbase suggest it could come back.

For the latest news, we should watch for ABC’s official announcements. Until then, we can revisit past seasons of Holey Moley. Everyone is hoping for more episodes to enjoy soon.

holey moley renewal

Holey Moley Season Four Ratings

The fourth season of Holey Moley attracted many fans. It brought in a solid number of viewers. This shows the show’s ongoing popularity.


The average rating for Holey Moley season four was 0.39 in the 18-49 age group.


About 2.47 million people watched season four of Holey Moley on the same day it aired.

When we look at these numbers compared to the last season, there’s a small drop. The drop was 7% in the 18-49 age group. And a 6% drop in total viewers.

These changes mainly reflect the same day viewers. Not those who watched it later or online.

Even with this small drop, it’s important to see the whole picture. Holey Moley still has lots of fans. It’s an important show for ABC during the summer.


Comparison of Ratings and Viewership – Season Three vs. Season Four

Season Three Season Four Difference
18-49 Demo Rating 0.42 0.39 -7%
Viewership (Millions) 2.63 2.47 -6%

Looking at the table, we see a small decline from season three to four. Yet, Holey Moley still holds its ground. It attracts viewers with its fun gameplay and interesting contestants.

While ratings are important, they’re not everything. We also need to think about costs, what the network wants, and how people feel about the show. Fans should keep an eye out for more news on what’s next for Holey Moley.

Holey Moley’s Success and Future Seasons

Holey Moley has won the hearts of viewers in Australia and the U.S., marking its success as a favorite show. Its growing popularity and positive feedback have led to expansions and new locations. This shows its broad appeal and potential to grow even more.

There’s no word yet on new seasons beyond the fourth, but fans have reasons to hope. The show’s success and loyal viewers suggest it could continue. Keep an eye out for news and updates on future seasons!

Holey Moley future seasons

Holey Moley offers a special mix of mini-golf and fun experiences, making it truly unique. Its creative concept and engaging gameplay are key to its popularity and success. This keeps audiences excited and coming back for more.

Holey Moley’s Unique Concept and Fun Experience

Holey Moley offers a unique concept that blends mini-golf with engaging experiences. Each venue invites you into a world full of pop culture-inspired courses. These courses provide an unforgettable adventure, not just mini-golf.

Our courses feature challenging holes, each with its own pop culture twist. You might play on a hole inspired by Star Wars or Jurassic Park. Every course is designed to be fun and exciting for everyone.

But there’s more to Holey Moley than just golf. Our venues also have bars, spaces for entertainment, and places to eat. You can chill with a drink or catch some live entertainment after playing.

We aim to create memorable times at Holey Moley. It’s all about fun, laughs, and surprises. Our venues bring a sense of wonder, perfect for anyone looking for a great time.

Golfing with a Pop Culture Twist

At Holey Moley, we mix golf with beloved pop culture. Each hole celebrates iconic movies, TV shows, and characters loved by many.

“Holey Moley transforms mini-golf. It combines gaming excitement with pop culture nostalgia. A truly unique blend that draws players back.” – Golf Enthusiast Magazine

Each hole has interactive challenges, based on favorite movies and TV shows. You could face Darth Vader or dodge a T-Rex. Every hole is an adventure.

Creating Unforgettable Moments

We focus on unforgettable moments at Holey Moley. From hitting a hole-in-one to enjoying a vibrant setting, we make each visit special.

Hear what visitors say:

  • “Holey Moley is the most fun I’ve had at mini-golf. Everything from the courses to the atmosphere is thrilling!” – Jane, Austin
  • “Playing mini-golf at Holey Moley was amazing. The concept is brilliant and the course details are impressive. I’m excited to go again!” – Mike, San Francisco
  • “Holey Moley is unique. It feels like being on a movie set. It’s a must for pop culture fans!” – Sarah, Houston

Want an unparalleled golf adventure? Check out Holey Moley and dive into our immersive world.

Holey Moley concept

Holey Moley’s Impact on the Network

Holey Moley has turned into a summer hit on ABC, captivating viewers with its charm. This show’s unique blend of mini-golf and entertainment has quickly become a favorite. Because of this, Holey Moley has greatly influenced ABC, securing its spot in the summer lineup.

This mix of mini-golf and wacky obstacles has won hearts everywhere. Its success brings a loyal viewership and catches the attention of advertisers. They see the show’s wide appeal.

Holey Moley’s impact on ABC is clear due to its strong ratings and immersive gameplay. It offers a thrilling viewer experience. This has solidified its place as a summer favorite.

The success of Holey Moley opens doors for the show’s future. Its ability to draw viewers and maintain high ratings shows promise for new seasons.

ABC sees great value in Holey Moley, presenting it as a key summer show. The network aims to use its popularity to draw in advertisers. This assures viewers of quality entertainment each summer.

Holey Moley Impact on ABC

In conclusion, Holey Moley’s effect on the network is clear. Its innovative concept, exciting gameplay, and stellar ratings make it a standout. As fans anticipate future seasons, Holey Moley’s influence on ABC seems set to grow.

The Muppets Joining Holey Moley in Season Four

In season four, titled Holey Moley Fore-Ever, The Muppets are joining the show. Characters like Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, and Animal will be on the golf course filled with obstacles. Swedish Chef, Pepé the King Prawn, and Camila the Chicken also add fun to the show.

Holey Moley The Muppets

Future Plans for Holey Moley

Funlab, the pioneer behind Holey Moley, has big plans for the future. They want to grow in the U.S. by opening more venues nationwide. While they haven’t shared details or locations yet, the success of Holey Moley suggests exciting growth ahead. Fans should look forward to exciting news about Holey Moley’s future.

Upcoming Holey Moley Expansion

Funlab aims to grow the Holey Moley brand and create delightful mini-golf experiences. With its rising fame, they plan to introduce Holey Moley to new U.S. areas. This expansion means more people will get to enjoy the unique mini-golf adventures Holey Moley is known for.

“We’re excited about Holey Moley’s future and our expansion plans. Fans have shown us there’s a huge demand for our mini-golf experience. We look forward to bringing Holey Moley to new places and spreading joy to many more.” – Funlab spokesperson

New Venues and Unique Experiences

New Holey Moley venues mean more variety and innovation. Each place will have its special design, taking cues from iconic moments and pop culture. With 27 creative holes, each visit to Holey Moley promises to be memorable.

Besides golf, these venues will offer great entertainment. Visitors can enjoy live music and art by local graffiti artists. Want something special? Try the private karaoke rooms for an added fun factor.

Stay Tuned for Updates

As Funlab works on new Holey Moley locations, fans should follow updates closely. Keep an eye on Holey Moley’s social media and website. There, you’ll find news about new sites, how to book, and what each venue offers.

Holey Moley Future Plans

Venue Opening Year City
Austin 2024 Austin, Texas
TBD 2024 Houston, Texas
TBD 2024 San Francisco, California


No official word yet on Holey Moley’s fifth season. However, its popularity hints it might return. The show’s growth and The Muppets’ cameo in season four show it knows how to keep viewers interested.

Fans should keep an eye out for news from Holey Moley’s team. They promise to deliver more thrilling mini-golf experiences. Stay tuned for what’s next for Holey Moley and its possible future.

We’re grateful you’ve been with us on Holey Moley’s journey. It’s more than just a show; it’s reshaped ABC’s summer lineup. With its creative courses, The Muppets, and much more, there’s a lot to love.

Let’s stay in touch for more Holey Moley news. This show is a shining example of what creativity and fun can achieve on TV.

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