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Mette Frederiksen suffers from mild whiplash

Attacker drunk?
Mette Frederiksen suffers from mild whiplash

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One day after the attack on the Danish Prime Minister, it was announced that Mette Frederiksen was slightly injured. It is still unclear why a 39-year-old attacked her. In court, he said it was not intentional. But for now, he must remain in custody.

Denmark's Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has been examined in hospital after an attack. “The blow caused a slight whiplash,” her office said. She is otherwise in good condition, but shaken by the incident. Frederiksen's participation in several events on Saturday was cancelled.

A 39-year-old suspect is currently being held in custody. He is accused of punching the politician in the upper arm. A court has now ordered his detention until June 20, reported the Danish news agency Ritzau. The man denies his guilt. The police do not currently believe there is a political motive.

The man was probably under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Ritzau reported, citing the police. The suspect is a Polish citizen and has been in Denmark for a long time. In court, he denied having anything against Frederiksen. According to Ritzau, she is a “really good prime minister,” he said during the court hearing.

The judge is of the opinion that the suspect knew who Frederiksen was. There is a reasonable suspicion that he committed violence against a public official. The police said on X that their main hypothesis is currently not that the case is politically motivated.

According to her office, Frederiksen was beaten by a man on a square in central Copenhagen on Friday. According to an eyewitness, she was then taken away by bodyguards. She was able to walk and there were no signs of external injuries. The man was arrested. Neither the police nor the Prime Minister's office have yet commented on the attacker's intentions or whether he was armed.

Best wishes from all over Europe

Frederiksen was shocked by the attack, her office said. The 46-year-old is also head of the Danish Social Democrats. The European elections will take place in Denmark on Sunday. In the run-up to the EU-wide elections, there were also attacks on politicians in other countries, including Germany. In mid-May, Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico was seriously injured in an assassination attempt.

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the news of the attack on Frederiksen had shocked her. “I condemn this despicable act, which contradicts everything we believe in and fight for in Europe. I wish you strength and courage – I know you have plenty of both.” Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson stressed: “An attack on a democratically elected head of government is also an attack on our democracy.”

French President Emmanuel Macron said on Platform X: “The attack targeting the Danish Prime Minister is intolerable. I firmly condemn this act and wish Mette Frederiksen a speedy recovery.” Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni said the attack on Frederiksen was an “intolerable act of violence that represents an attack on the heart of democratic values.”

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