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Operation Clean Up – City of Fresno 2024 Schedule

Are you tired of bulky items cluttering your home? Do you want a simple way to dispose of unwanted stuff? Operation Clean Up from the City of Fresno is here to help. This service lets residents get rid of large items. It’s useful for keeping homes tidy.

Operation Clean Up is a big effort to keep Fresno neat. It lets people put large trash on the curb for pickup. Always check for the latest schedule and details to not miss out.

We will give you the City of Fresno’s cleanup schedule for 2024. You’ll learn the rules, what items are okay, and what’s not allowed. This helps if you’re cleaning out or just tossing a few old things.

Take this chance to clear out your space and help Fresno. Let’s dive in and discover the dates and details of Operation Clean Up – City of Fresno 2024 Schedule.

Operation Clean Up Program Overview

The Operation Clean Up program helps City of Fresno residents get rid of big items. It lets them put bulky stuff on the street by the curb for pickup. This service is for the residents’ homes only.

They must not create unsafe conditions with their debris. They should not put trash out more than 7 days before pickup. The program takes many items, like mattresses, furniture, and appliances. But, only two wheelbarrow loads of concrete, rock, brick, and dirt are allowed.

“The Operation Clean Up program is an important initiative by the City of Fresno to keep our neighborhoods clean and free from bulky items. By allowing residents to conveniently dispose of large debris, we contribute to the overall cleanliness and aesthetics of our communities.” – Mayor of Fresno

The City of Fresno created the Operation Clean Up program for sustainable waste disposal. By allowing residents to put debris at the curb, it makes sure big items are collected and thrown away properly. This helps protect the environment and keeps our streets clean.

Only debris from your home should be placed out. This keeps the program fair and open to all residents. Be careful of hazards from your debris pile and take steps to prevent accidents.

The program accepts a lot of different items for disposal. This includes mattresses, furniture, and yard debris. But, things like concrete and dirt are restricted to two wheelbarrow loads. These rules help make waste disposal efficient and safe.

Accepted Items for Operation Clean Up

Accepted Items Restrictions
Mattresses None
Furniture None
Appliances No refrigerators or freezers
Yard debris Cut to a length of no more than 4 feet

Residents should separate yard clippings for proper disposal. Following these rules helps the program succeed and keeps neighborhoods tidy.

The Operation Clean Up program plays a vital role in Fresno’s waste management. By making it easy for residents to get rid of bulky items, it helps create a cleaner, sustainable environment for everyone.

Operation Clean Up Pickup Instructions

Be part of making Fresno’s streets cleaner with Operation Clean Up. Follow our tips to help Fresno shine. Your efforts make city cleanup events successful and keep our town beautiful.

Separate Materials into Two Piles

Get ready for Operation Clean Up by sorting your items. Create two piles: one for yard clippings, another for trash.
1. **The yard clipping pile** should have tree branches, wood, grass, leaves, and bushes. This helps recycle green waste for the Fresno cleanliness drive.
2. **The trash pile** is for everything else that’s not yard waste. Place furniture, machines, and other unrecyclable stuff here.

Placement of Materials

Put your piles where you normally leave your trash. If you live in alleys or gated communities, ask to join the city cleanup.

Timing and Schedule

Place your materials outside up to a week before pickup day. Make sure they’re out by 6:00 a.m. on the day. Doing this helps the cleanup team work efficiently.

Fresno clean streets initiative

Operation Clean Up Pickup Instructions Summary

Instructions Details
Separate Materials Yard clippings pile for green waste and a trash pile for other debris
Placement Same location as regular garbage pickup, excluding alley services
Timing No earlier than 7 days prior to scheduled pickup day, materials to be put out by 6:00 a.m.

Help us keep Fresno clean by following these Operation Clean Up instructions. Let’s work together to support this city clean up project. Keep Fresno beautiful for everyone.

Accepted Items for Operation Clean Up

Operation Clean Up gathers many items for pickup. You can give mattresses, box springs, and parts of hot tubs or spas. Also, it takes wood fencing up to 4 feet, hot water heaters, sinks, and drained toilets.

They will pick up furniture, some appliances (but not fridges or freezers), and doors with glass taped up. You can also put out boxes, cardboard, taken-apart cabinets, and yard waste cut to 4 feet. There’s a limit of 10 cubic yards, like 2 pickup trucks full.

If you’re wondering what’s okay to give during Operation Clean Up, see this list:

  • Mattresses and box springs
  • Hot tubs or spas (cut into sections)
  • Wood fencing (maximum length of 4 feet)
  • Hot water heaters
  • Sinks, toilets (drained)
  • Furniture
  • Appliances (no refrigerators or freezers)
  • Glass doors (taped with duct tape)
  • Boxes and cardboard
  • Cabinets (disassembled)
  • Yard debris (cut to a length of no more than 4 feet)

Remember, you can only give up to 10 cubic yards, like filling 2 pickups to the cab’s top.

Guidelines for Operation Clean Up

For those joining Operation Clean Up, here are some tips. They will help make the pickup easy and fast.

  1. Placement: Keep items 1-2 feet from the curb for easy pickup. Make sure not to block sewer vents, water meters, mailboxes, or fire hydrants with your debris.
  2. Vehicle Movement: Move your cars away from the debris piles. This helps avoid any issues during collection.
  3. Timeliness: Put your items out by 6:00 a.m. on the pickup day. The process may take all day, as collection times vary.
  4. Glass Debris: To lower risk of injury, tape windows and mirrors with duct tape. Then, add them to your debris pile.
  5. Tree Prunings, Lumber, and Pipe: Cut tree prunings, lumber, and pipes into pieces. They should be no longer than four feet.
  6. Concrete, Rock, Brick, and Dirt: Only put out up to two wheelbarrow loads of concrete, rock, brick, or dirt.
  7. Odd Objects: For large, odd objects, take them apart and cut them into four-foot pieces. This makes pickup easier.

Following these tips helps make Operation Clean Up in Fresno a big success. Everyone’s effort counts!

Fresno trash removal dates

Items Not Accepted for Operation Clean Up

Operation Clean Up is a great way for Fresno folks to get rid of large items. But, there are some things they won’t take. Knowing these can help make the cleanup go smoothly.

Here’s what you can’t throw away in Operation Clean Up:

  • Refrigerators
  • Freezers
  • A/C units
  • Construction or remodeling debris
  • Major landscape work or tree removal
  • Tree stumps, trunks, or rounds
  • Lumber or branches longer than 4 feet
  • Household or home business generated garbage
  • Fifty-gallon drums
  • Electronics (televisions, monitors, computers)
  • Tires
  • Paint
  • Explosive materials or ammunition
  • Automotive fluids or parts
  • Used creosote treated railroad ties

If you need to get rid of these items, reach out to local experts. They’ll tell you how to properly dispose of them. This way, they’re taken care of correctly and follow the rules.

Fresno community beautification events

Proper Disposal for Restricted Items

The City of Fresno has special rules for throwing away certain items. Items like refrigerators and A/C units have dangerous chemicals in them. It’s key to dispose of them the right way to keep our planet safe.

“Disposing of hazardous materials wrongly can harm our planet and our health. It’s really important to throw away dangerous items carefully.”

Following these rules helps make Operation Clean Up work well. It keeps Fresno looking nice and helps protect our earth.

Illegal Dumping and Reporting

Illegal dumping is a big problem for Fresno’s neighborhoods. The City of Fresno fights this by launching clean-up measures. Operation Clean Up keeps our streets clean and our community looking good.

Everyone living here has a part in keeping our area clean and safe. Seeing illegal dumping means you should report it fast. This helps catch and stop those doing wrong, which keeps our neighborhood clean.

“Keeping our neighborhoods clean is a shared responsibility. By reporting illegal dumping, we can protect our environment and preserve the beauty and livability of our community.”

To report, give all the details you can. Important details include:

  • Vehicle details (make, model, color)
  • Date and time of the incident
  • License plate number
  • Description of the person(s) involved

Use the FresGO app or call Code Enforcement to report. Quick reports help the city act fast against illegal dumping.

Note: Operation Clean Up doesn’t cover buildings with four or more homes. But, these residents can still help keep things clean by joining other programs.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you love a clean Fresno, there are ways to help out. Volunteering means you can play a part in keeping our neighborhoods tidy. It’s a great way to make a difference.

Volunteering brings people together to clean, beautify, and recycle. Working with others helps improve Fresno’s look and health. Everyone’s efforts matter.

Benefit of Volunteering Why You Should Get Involved
1. Community Pride Volunteering boosts how we feel about our community. It makes Fresno a better place to be.
2. Environmental Stewardship Your volunteering helps take care of Fresno’s natural beauty. It’s good for the planet.
3. Social Connection Getting involved connects you with others who care. It’s a good way to make friends and do good.

Together, we make Fresno cleaner and greener. Joining clean-up events or recycling efforts makes a real impact.

Fresno neighborhood cleanup

Together, let’s keep Fresno clean, safe, and environmentally friendly!

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal

It’s crucial to dispose of household hazardous waste properly. This keeps our environment and community safe. Do not include these materials in the Operation Clean Up collection. Use Fresno County’s Environmental Compliance Center instead.

At the Environmental Compliance Center, you can drop off many hazardous items. This includes paints, electronics, sharps, and batteries. You can also bring mercury devices, auto fluids, pesticides, and more.

Want to safely get rid of household hazardous waste? The center is open Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. It’s a convenient way for everyone to help protect our environment.

City of Fresno recycling events

Accepted Household Hazardous Waste Items

Accepted Items
Hazardous cleaners and products
Paint products
Mercury devices
Automotive fluids and products
Home and garden pesticides/herbicides
Pool and hobby products
Fluorescent tubes/bulbs (CFLs)

Operation Clean Up Guidelines and Regulations

The City of Fresno has set rules for Operation Clean Up to make it work well. These rules help Fresno stay clean and beautiful. Everyone playing their part is key.

Placement of Items

Don’t put items out more than 7 days before your pick-up date. This keeps the neighborhood tidy. Follow the schedule closely to ensure your items are picked up.

Quantity Limit

Each home can put out two loads for pick-up. A load is around 8′ x 4′ x 4′. This rule makes sure everyone gets a fair chance to clean up.

Accountability for Hazardous Materials

You’ll be responsible for any harm caused by your debris. Especially if it’s placed wrong or contains dangerous stuff. Properly disposing of hazardous items is crucial.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping is banned and could lead to fines. Don’t dump items in the wrong place or time. It hurts our community. Always report illegal dumping.

Detailed Guidelines

Put items out by 6 a.m. on pick-up day. Move your cars away from the debris. Sort green waste and trash separately. These steps help everything run smoothly.

Volunteer Opportunities

Want to do more? Join a cleanup team. It’s a great way to help out Fresno even more. Look up volunteer times on the Fresno cleanup calendar.

Neighborhood cleanup initiatives

Operation Clean Up is about working together for a clean Fresno. By following the rules, we all help make Fresno a great place to live.

Operation Clean Up Disposal Restrictions

There are some items Operation Clean Up won’t pick up. If you live in Fresno, please follow these rules. Check with the right authorities for how to dispose of these items.

Items Not Accepted for Pickup:

  1. Refrigerators, freezers, or A/C units
  2. Construction or remodeling debris
  3. Major landscape work or tree removal
  4. Tree stumps, trunks, or rounds
  5. Lumber or branches longer than 4 feet
  6. Household garbage or home business generated garbage
  7. Fifty-gallon drums
  8. Electronics
  9. Tires
  10. Paint
  11. Explosive materials or ammunition
  12. Automotive fluids or parts
  13. Used creosote treated railroad ties

Following these rules helps Operation Clean Up work well for everyone. It makes the process efficient.


Operation Clean Up, offered by the City of Fresno, helps residents get rid of large items easily. It’s vital for keeping our streets clean and our community green. Everyone should stick to the program’s rules to keep things running smoothly.

This program lets residents help make Fresno beautiful. By joining, you’re doing a great community service in the Central Valley. We can all create a positive change for our environment and improve our city’s living quality.

Don’t miss the Operation Clean Up – City of Fresno 2024 Schedule! Getting involved supports Fresno’s green goals. Together, we can aim for a cleaner, sustainable future for our community.

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