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Schulze names problems with benefits in kind

Instead of cash for asylum seekers
Schulze names problems with benefits in kind

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FDP and Union politicians are proposing to provide asylum seekers with benefits in kind instead of cash in the future. This should reduce the incentive to come to Germany. Development Minister Svenja Schulze reacts very clearly to this suggestion.

Development Minister Svenja Schulze is critical of converting money into benefits in kind for asylum seekers. “Provisions in kind require a lot of bureaucratic effort. That’s why it’s hardly ever done,” the SPD politician told “Bild am Sonntag”. The switch to benefits in kind is already possible today. “Every federal state can decide that. Why doesn’t the Union do it where it governs?” asked Schulze. FDP and Union politicians had called for benefits in kind instead of cash for asylum seekers in order to reduce incentives for entry into Germany.

When asked whether the EU's external borders needed to be better protected, Schulze said: “We have to fight the causes of flight, not refugees. Nobody flees voluntarily.” According to the minister, the EU should therefore not invest in border protection alone. Investments are also needed in programs that ensure that more people do not have to leave their country in the first place or that they can find refuge in a neighboring country under decent conditions.

Don't condemn refugees to do nothing

Schulze appeared open to the idea of ​​requiring asylum seekers to do community service work. “We should seriously discuss ideas that promote integration. In principle, I think it makes sense if refugees are not condemned to do nothing,” she said. Stopping people from working doesn't make them feel better. “Most people want to get involved here as quickly as possible,” said the minister.

The SPD chairman Lars Klingbeil had also shown himself willing to talk about the Union's initiative to require asylum seekers to do community service during their procedure. Austria is already planning this. CSU boss Markus Söder has announced a corresponding program.

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