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Student union demands remaining energy flat rate

140 million not applied for
Student union demands remaining energy flat rate

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Because of the high energy prices, students are entitled to a flat rate of 200 euros. Around 20 percent have not yet submitted an application, even though the deadline ends on Monday. Student representatives would still like to use the money: for example for fellow students in psychological crises.

Shortly before the end of the application period, the German Student Union called on the federal government not to allow the unpaid portion of the money for the student energy allowance to expire. Even if around a fifth of the students have not yet applied for the amount, the money should still go to students in need, said the head of the student union, Matthias Anbuhl, to the editorial network Germany (RND). “It is important that the remaining remaining funds of up to 140 million euros remain in the system.”

While the deadline expires on October 2nd, according to the federal government, around 20 percent of those eligible have not yet applied for the 200 euro flat rate. Accordingly, around 2.8 million of the 3.5 million eligible applicants have received a total of around 561.5 million euros so far.

“The remaining money must not flow back into the general budget, but must be used to support students who are in material or immaterial need due to crises,” demanded Anbuhl. Many students are currently turning to the psychosocial counseling centers of the student unions because of psychological problems and crises and often have to wait a long time for an appointment due to the immensely high demand. “With a low double-digit million amount, the student unions could expand their psychosocial advice over the coming years and help these students,” said Anbuhl.

Student representatives also called on those eligible to submit their applications by Monday. “Even if this 'emergency aid' came far too late, was unnecessarily complicated in its implementation and was set far too low. It should be taken advantage of, because unfortunately more help in this sense cannot be expected despite the precarious living conditions and the resulting urgent needs.” , said the board of the student association “free association of student bodies (fzs)”, Sascha Wellmann, to the RND. He criticized the 200 euros as “a drop in the ocean” and would have little effect on your account balance or wallet given the high cost of living.

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