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Trump wants Musk as an advisor in two areas

In case of an election victory
Trump wants Musk as an advisor in two areas

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There is a possibility that Elon Musk will spend more time in the White House if Donald Trump is re-elected as US President. According to a media report, Trump has already discussed a collaboration with the Tesla boss.

Donald Trump and Elon Musk have discussed a possible advisory role for the Tesla boss should the likely Republican candidate move into the White House again, reports the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). Although the title and details of the role are unclear, people familiar with the matter told the newspaper that the talks were about being able to consult Musk on issues such as border security and economic policy. However, the position has not yet been fully discussed, they said.

Despite his differences with Trump over the past two years, Musk is reportedly privately lobbying his wealthy colleagues to withdraw their support for Joe Biden. Musk is also working with billionaire investor Nelson Peltz on a plan to invest in an election fraud prevention project that would use data to ensure votes are counted fairly, according to the WSJ.

Musk has been outspoken about his views on the Biden administration in recent months. In March, the Tesla CEO said on X that until a few years ago he voted “100 percent Democrat.” “Now I think we need a red wave or America is done for,” Musk added in the post. That same month, he said he had no plans to donate to Trump or Biden. Before that, his biographer Walter Isaacson wrote in “Elon Musk” that the billionaire had said that “Trump might be one of the best bullshitters in the world.”

Waiting for the jury verdict

However, according to the WSJ, Musk and Trump had dinner together and discussed topics such as immigration, technology and the Space Force. “President Trump alone will decide what role an individual plays in his presidency,” said Trump campaign spokesman Brian Hughes.

In the first criminal trial against a former US president, the jury has retired to deliberate on the verdict. Trump is said to have been guilty of 34 counts of illegal campaign financing through a disguised hush money payment. The verdict is also likely to have an impact on the current election campaign in the United States – but the question is: how much and to whose advantage?

Trump is trying to turn the accusations into a personal advantage and mobilize his supporters by portraying himself as the victim of a politically motivated justice system. Incumbent Joe Biden, on the other hand, who is seeking re-election in November, does not appear to have benefited noticeably from the trial against his challenger. In view of the strong divisions in US society and the polarizing figure of Trump, US media speculated that it was more likely than in other trials that the jury would not be able to agree on a verdict.

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