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Who Is Chloe Veitch Dating 2024

Prepare for a unique peek into Chloe Veitch’s love life in 2024. Want to know who she’s dating now? Keen on the newest updates about her love life? We’ve got all the juicy info for you.

Chloe’s Relationship on Perfect Match

Chloe Veitch became known through “Too Hot to Handle” and “The Circle.” On “Perfect Match,” she connected with Shayne Jansen. They became one of the strongest pairs.

On “Perfect Match,” Chloe explored her romantic side. The show let her figure out what she looks for in a partner. It was a place for her to face the challenges of dating on camera.

While on “Perfect Match,” Chloe got to try out relationships. She and Shayne Jansen checked if they were a good fit. This experience helped her learn about herself and her ideal partner.

But, Chloe and Shayne’s relationship hit some rough spots. Problems from Chloe’s past romances affected their connection. Despite a good start, these issues led to their split.

Chloe’s Post-Show Relationship

After breaking up with Shayne, Chloe Veitch quickly found love again. She started a new romance with hockey player Ivan Lodina. They were serious, talking about their future and even starting a family together.

But it looks like Chloe and Ivan might have split up. There haven’t been any sightings of them together for months. They’ve also stopped following each other on social media. This has led to rumors and speculation about their breakup.

Why they split is still a mystery. But it’s not rare for famous couples to face challenges. Fame, personal differences, and busy schedules can end a relationship. Fans are now waiting to hear more about Chloe’s love life and who she’s dating now.

Keep an eye out for the latest on Chloe Veitch’s relationships. We’ll keep you updated with the newest info.

Chloe Veitch new boyfriend 2024

Chloe Veitch’s Relationship Timeline:

Year Partner
2024 Ivan Lodina
2024 Shayne Jansen

Shayne’s Tough Year

Shayne Jansen faced both personal and romantic challenges last year. He’s known from the reality TV show “Perfect Match.”

He lost his mother, which deeply affected him. This loss made things harder in his relationship with Chloe on the show.

The show was tough for Shayne and Chloe. They tried to connect despite the competition from others.

Initially, they had a strong bond. But they faced trust issues and the pressure of the show. This strained their relationship.

Shayne worked hard to overcome these troubles. He learned a lot from his experiences on “Perfect Match,” despite not getting what he hoped for.

Shayne’s journey on “Perfect Match” sheds light on the difficulties of finding love on TV. It shows that effort and understanding are key in relationships.

Shayne remains hopeful about his future. He values the support from his loved ones and wants to grow from his challenges.

Shayne’s Outlook:

Shayne has learned from his tough year. He now knows how important it is to focus on personal growth and healing.

Looking ahead, he’s open to new relationships. He wants to learn from the past and build a real, fulfilling love life.

Keep an eye out for what happens next in Shayne Jansen’s love journey.

Chloe and Shayne’s Friendship Status

After they split, Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen stayed friends for a while. Then, Shayne lied about Chloe on a podcast. This lie hurt their friendship and made things worse between them.

The two had a good connection on “Perfect Match.” But now, they have gone their separate ways. Trust was broken, making it hard to stay friends after the show.

Now, many are curious about what will happen with Chloe and Shayne. Can they fix their friendship in the future, or is it over for good?

What comes next for them is uncertain. However, it’s clear that lies have damaged their once strong friendship. This has changed both of their lives.

“Perfect Match” Show Details

“Perfect Match” is a Netflix original that grabs your attention. It’s a dating show with a twist, pulling in contestants from other reality shows. In a stunning villa, it’s a mix of emotions and surprises waiting to happen.

It’s set in a dreamy spot, making viewers feel like they’re part of the action. Every episode, new singles come in, stirring up drama and testing relationships. This keeps everyone on their toes.

Perfect Match show details

Contestants come from shows like “Too Hot to Handle” and “The Circle.” This blend of characters makes for an interesting watch. It brings drama and excitement to the table.

The show is filled with challenges and dates. These test if contestants are a good fit and help them connect on a deeper level. As the series moves on, we see friendships, rivalries, and love stories emerge.

Can these reality stars find their perfect partner in the chaos? Watch “Perfect Match” to see love, discovery, and drama unfold.

Chloe’s Rise to Fame

Chloe Veitch became famous in reality TV through her appearance on “Too Hot to Handle” and “The Circle.” This started when “Too Hot to Handle” gained worldwide attention in 2020.

Her lively personality and looks won fans’ hearts, putting her in the limelight. This show let her show off her charm, and people loved her for it.

After her first TV hit, Chloe stayed in the spotlight. She was on talk shows and podcasts, becoming well-known in the industry. She connected with people by being herself and sharing her life, making her more popular.

On TV, Chloe showed who she really was and grew as a person. Her drive and realness drew a dedicated fan base.

“Chloe Veitch’s rise to fame has been fast, thanks to her reality TV roles. She’s now a famous face in TV, loved for her charm and how relatable she is.”

Chloe’s story motivates those dreaming of TV stardom. She shows that being true to oneself and forming a bond with the audience leads to success.

Chloe Veitch rise to fame

Chloe continues to impact the entertainment scene, with a growing fan base. As she takes on new projects, her fans support her. Her mix of beauty, talent, and realness has made her a star in reality TV.

Chloe’s Future Plans

Chloe Veitch is making waves in entertainment. She focuses on presenting and acting. Chloe has built a successful YouTube channel and podcast.

Her aim is to engage with her fans. She shares her life and career journeys there. With her growing fanbase, Chloe’s future is promising.

In 2024, Chloe plans to launch exciting projects. The details are still secret. These ventures will highlight her creative side and versatility.

Chloe wants to try new things. She looks forward to working with other creative people. Her goal is to challenge herself and break new ground.

Chloe Veitch upcoming projects

Chloe’s driven by her ambition and passion. She’s working hard to improve her skills. With her charm and talent, she’s sure to succeed in many areas.

Chloe aims high in the entertainment field. She looks forward to growing her fame. And she’s eager for chances to grow both personally and professionally.

“I believe in constantly striving for excellence and pursuing my dreams. My career is my priority, and I’m excited to see where it takes me,” says Chloe.

Chloe is still looking for love. But she’s hopeful about finding someone special. As she advances in her career, she’s open to romance that supports her dreams.


Chloe Veitch’s love life in 2024 has been full of ups and downs. She started with the reality show “Perfect Match.” Then, she moved on to a relationship with Ivan Lodina. Many people have been talking about Chloe’s relationships this year. She hasn’t found “the one” yet, but she’s still hopeful about the future.

Chloe’s love adventures have caught a lot of attention. Her time on “Perfect Match” revealed a special bond with Shayne Jansen. Their breakup left many wondering about what happened between them. After Shayne, Chloe began dating Ivan Lodina. Sadly, this relationship also ended.

Despite the difficulties, Chloe is keeping her hopes up. She’s focusing on her career in presenting and acting. Chloe is excited about what 2024 will bring. She also shares her journey on her YouTube channel and podcast. Her resilience and upbeat attitude are inspiring.

What’s next for Chloe Veitch? Fans are curious to know. Will she finally meet her soulmate? We have to wait and see. For the latest on Chloe’s romantic journey, keep an eye out for updates in 2024.

Chloe Veitch relationship news 2024

Date Event
March 2024 Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen’s breakup
May 2024 Rumors of Chloe Veitch dating Ivan Lodina
August 2024 Chloe Veitch and Ivan Lodina spotted together
November 2024 Chloe Veitch and Ivan Lodina unfollow each other on social media

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some frequently asked questions about Chloe Veitch and her love life in 2024:

1. Who is Chloe Veitch currently dating?

As of 2024, Chloe Veitch’s love life is a mystery. She’s facing the challenges of dating. Yet, she hasn’t shared news of a new partner.

2. What happened between Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen?

Chloe Veitch and Shayne Jansen met on “Perfect Match.” They encountered issues due to Chloe’s past. Sadly, this led to their breakup. It’s not known if they stayed friends.

3. Is Chloe Veitch still friends with Shayne Jansen?

No, Chloe and Shayne are no longer friends. Their friendship ended when Shayne shared false information about Chloe on a podcast. This created a rift between them.

4. What are Chloe Veitch’s future plans?

Chloe Veitch is focusing on her career. She’s excited about new presenting and acting projects in 2024. She feels positive about her future in work and love.

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