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Elon Musk makes fun of Zelensky

Exchange of blows with Kyiv
Elon Musk makes fun of Zelensky

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He can’t help it: After his extremely questionable post about German sea rescue, Tesla boss Elon Musk is now sending a provocative message to Ukraine: With a meme, he criticizes President Zelensky’s efforts for military aid. Kyiv reacts promptly.

There has been an exchange of blows between the Ukrainian parliament and the US billionaire Elon Musk. The Tesla boss, who is increasingly using his Internet platform X to send his own political messages, made fun of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in a tweet. So he posted a meme from a tense-looking Zelenskyj and accompanied it with the remark that this is what he looked like when he hadn’t called for new billions in aid for five minutes.

The Ukrainian parliament then posted a picture of Musk on its official website and wrote: “If after 5 minutes you haven’t spread Russian propaganda.” However, the post was later deleted. Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podoljak later expressed outrage at Musk’s post. “Any silence or irony towards Ukraine” is “a direct encouragement of Russian propaganda that justifies violence and destruction,” he also wrote on X.

Many users were also angry about the meme posted by Musk. For example, Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko commented: “I wonder if there will be a day when Musk doesn’t say anything stupid?” Another user writes: “Because Zelensky dares to defend himself against Putin, something Elon would never dare to do.”

In recent days, the Tesla founder has repeatedly joined criticism from US Republicans that the US government is providing too much help to Ukraine. This is seen as politically sensitive because Musk also owns the company SpaceX, which provides Starlink satellite communications services vital to Ukraine’s defense efforts. He had repeatedly threatened to restrict this use.

Musk comments on “Spiegel” in German

Musk has recently been increasingly vocal about political issues, especially with anti-migration statements about the American southern border or sea rescue in the Mediterranean. He has also already interfered in German migration policy. For example, he shared a post on

The post shared by Musk claims that eight German ships belonging to non-governmental organizations are currently taking in refugees from the Mediterranean to bring them to Italy. “Is the German public aware of this?” wrote Musk. The answer from the Foreign Office didn’t take long to arrive: “Yes, it’s called saving lives,” the ministry wrote on X.

When “Spiegel” also took up the exchange of blows between Musk and the German ministry on the platform, the billionaire did not leave it uncommented. “You don’t have all your cups in the cupboard anymore,” he commented in German under the post.

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