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Federal government sees energy money balance as a success

560 million euros paid out
Federal government sees energy money balance as a success

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Students and technical school students are intended to be relieved of the burden by the federal government through an energy flat rate. 200 euros are available per person. They have been able to apply for this since spring. Now there are the first figures on how many people have taken advantage of the offer – and the government is satisfied.

A good 2.8 million students and technical school students have accessed the energy price flat rate provided by the federal government in the past few months. The 200 euros to cushion the rise in energy and food prices have been available to apply for since the spring; the application deadline ended on Monday on the website “”, which was set up specifically for this purpose. According to the information on the portal, more than 560 million euros were paid out.

The federal government sees this as a success. A spokesman spoke on Friday of a take-up rate of around 79 percent. The application rate is therefore significantly higher than for other social benefits that have to be applied for. This shows that the application process was low-threshold and was well received.

Not many applied for the money

When the aid was launched, it was assumed that there would be up to 3.4 million beneficiaries at universities, technical colleges and technical schools and the corresponding costs would be 680 million euros. Most recently, the federal government reportedly assumed that more than 3.55 million people would be entitled to the flat rate.

The Federal Ministry of Education says it does not have any information about who is entitled to the 200 euros. When asked on Friday, a spokeswoman simply pointed out that there was also “a significant proportion” of students who work part-time. Many have already received the energy allowance for employees and may have decided not to apply for this allowance now.

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