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State Of Florida Pay Raise 2023-2024

The Florida Legislature has approved a 3% pay raise in the 2023-2024 state budget. This increase will benefit around 96,863 state employees. Let’s dive into what this means for government workers and the state’s finances.

Pay Increase Breakdown

The pay increase for state employees in Florida is key in the 2023-2024 state budget. It aims to fairly boost worker compensation. The increase varies by job type, reflecting each employee’s role and contributions.

Compensation Breakdown

Here’s how the pay boost varies among different employee groups:

Job Classification Annual Increase
Career Services $1,032
Middle Managers and Select Exempt Positions $1,325
Senior Managers $2,658

This overview shows how salary adjustments vary for Florida workers. It aims to give a fair raise, reflecting their duties and expertise. These changes show Florida’s commitment to competitive pay for its employees, addressing salary increase needs.

History of State Worker Raises

In Florida, the pay raise for state workers is a sign of a bigger trend. For three years in a row, they’ve gotten raises. This includes raises in 2022-2023 and 2021-2022.

Before this, state workers only got two raises from 2008 to 2019. These recent raises show that their hard work and value are finally being recognized.

Teacher Pay Disparity

There’s good news about a pay raise for state employees. But, there’s a big issue with teacher pay in Florida. The state has some of the lowest teacher salaries in the U.S. The starting pay is $47,500, which is below the national average of $50,200.

Also, Florida started this school year with nearly 5,000 teacher jobs open. This shows we need to put more into education and what we pay teachers.

The Florida Education Association wants more money for teacher pay. They say we need better pay to get and keep great teachers. Florida might struggle to find good teachers if we don’t pay them enough.

In the words of Mark Pudlow, spokesperson for the Florida Education Association:

“Investing in our teachers is investing in our children’s future. Competitive salaries will attract and retain highly skilled educators who can provide the best education for Florida students.”

Teacher pay in Florida is causing issues. The state is 47th in the U.S. for how much teachers get paid. Low pay means not as good teaching and unhappy teachers.

With not enough teachers, classes get bigger, and kids lose out. Good pay for teachers is key to fixing these problems. It helps give Florida kids a top education.

florida teacher salary increase

Addressing the Teacher Shortage

To fix the teacher shortage, we need a big plan:

  • Increasing teacher salaries to make the profession more attractive
  • Expanding recruitment efforts to attract qualified teachers
  • Providing funding for professional development and mentoring programs
  • Improving working conditions and classroom resources
  • Implementing loan forgiveness programs to incentivize teaching in high-need areas

By tackling the pay issue and investing in schools, Florida can make its education system better. This will prepare students for a bright future.

State Employee Attrition and Vacancies

Since 2018, Florida has seen a drop in state workers. 10,210 employees have left, but only 355 jobs were cut. Now, there are over 17,000 open jobs in the state government. This is about 19% of all state positions.

There’s a big need to keep and attract skilled workers by offering better pay. To run smoothly, the state must fill these jobs quickly. Ensuring government services keep up is vital.

To draw in skilled workers, we must offer salaries and benefits that show we value their work. A good pay package helps attract the best people. It also keeps our current staff happy and stops more from leaving.

Too many open jobs mean those still working have to do more. This can lead to stress and less work getting done well. It’s important for the state to fill these roles smartly and soon.

Year Number of Vacant Positions
2018 6,210
2019 8,200
2020 12,125
2021 15,135
2022 17,420

The table shows more job openings in the state government each year. It underlines the need for action to hire and keep good people.

Governor’s Pay Reduction Proposal

Governor Ron DeSantis had a plan despite the pay raise for state workers. He wanted to cut the number of state jobs. His idea was to remove around 1,400 positions in different departments.

But this plan wasn’t included in the final budget. Instead, they chose to increase the salaries of current staff. This shows that the state values and appreciates their employees’ hard work.

florida wage hike for next year

Education Funding Highlights

For 2023-2024, Florida’s state budget shows a big focus on education funding. This shows how much the state values giving its residents a great education and preparing a skilled workforce.

Florida’s K-12 public schools are getting $27.8 billion. This huge investment will make learning better by providing students with the resources they need.

Every student will get $8,842, which is $175 more than last year. This increase shows Florida’s strong commitment to helping students grow academically.

Teachers and other school staff will see their salaries go up too, with $1.25 billion set aside for this purpose. That’s $200.6 million more than the year before. With this move, Florida hopes to keep great teachers by offering them better pay.

Early childhood education will get extra support as well. The budget also focuses on making schools safer. This ensures that both students and staff are in a secure environment.

florida pay increase

Florida’s dedication to boosting education and workforce skills is clear from these budget highlights. By investing more in education, the state wants to offer top-notch learning experiences. This plan is designed to get the workforce ready for the future.

Funding Highlights Amount
K-12 Public School Funding $27.8 billion
Per-Student Investment $8,842
Salary Increases for Teachers and Instructional Personnel $1.25 billion

Investments in Workforce Education

The 2023-2024 Florida budget includes big investments in workforce education. It aims to help Floridians get high-demand, high-wage jobs. The investment totals a historic $853 million. It supports nursing programs, the Governor’s grant program, and the Florida Semiconductor Institute at the University of Florida.

These investments show the state’s effort to ready its workforce for today’s job market. By focusing on education and training, Florida aims to create a skilled workforce. This workforce can help grow the state’s economy and competitiveness.

Sector-Specific Programs

The budget funds training for specific industries too. For example:

  • Nursing programs get a lot of support. This helps future nurses get top education and training. It meets the high demand for healthcare workers and promises high-quality healthcare in Florida.
  • The Governor’s grant program helps people get skills in high-demand areas. This program gives grants to those who qualify, boosting workforce development and job chances for Floridians.
  • The Florida Semiconductor Institute at the University of Florida is funded for its work in the semiconductor field. This investment makes Florida a key player in semiconductor innovation. It also creates jobs for skilled professionals.

With these industry-specific programs, Florida is tackling the skills shortage in key sectors. This ensures the workforce has the needed knowledge and skills for high-wage jobs.

Sector Investment
Nursing Education Programs $300 million
Governor’s Pathways to Career Opportunities Grant Program $400 million
Florida Semiconductor Institute at the University of Florida $153 million

The table shows the budget for each key program. It highlights Florida’s major investments in improving workforce education and training.

The investments in workforce education help individuals get good careers but also boost Florida’s economy. By preparing its workforce for high-wage industries, Florida attracts businesses seeking skilled workers.

florida government wage boost

Infrastructure and Economic Development

Florida is working hard to support its growing population and economy. It is investing in important areas like transportation, helping small businesses, and promoting tourism. These efforts are creating new jobs and helping the economy grow.

state workers pay adjustment

The state is paying special attention to transportation due to its increasing population. Florida is facing more traffic jams and needs better logistics centers. A large part of the budget is going to make commutes easier and goods transportation more efficient.

Support for small businesses is also a key part of the budget. The Job Growth Grant Fund offers financial help to small businesses. This helps them grow and add to Florida’s economic strength. It encourages a strong environment for new ideas and businesses.

Florida is also focusing on boosting tourism. The state’s beautiful places, cultural sites, and great entertainment draw tourists from all over. Investments in tourism aim to bring even more visitors. This helps the hospitality industry and supports local businesses.

In conclusion, Florida’s investments show its dedication to a strong economy and better life for its people. By improving transportation, aiding small businesses, and boosting tourism, the state is building a bright future.


Florida shows its support for state workers with a pay raise for 2023-2024. The 3% increase acknowledges their hard work and aims to keep skilled people. This move, along with more money for education, shows Florida’s commitment to fair pay and new opportunities.

Yet, there are hurdles to overcome. Boosting teacher pay is key to fix pay gaps and draw in great teachers. The state must also address the many teacher vacancies to strengthen its schools.

Florida’s budget moves show it cares about its workers and the state’s future. By regularly updating pay, increasing government wages, and adjusting worker salaries, Florida works towards a strong economy and a bright future for everyone.

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