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State Of Florida Pay Raise 2024-2025

As the fiscal year 2023-2024 comes to a close, state employees in Florida are looking forward to news on their pay for next year. They’re curious about a possible pay raise in the 2024-2025 state budget. Let’s explore the possibility of salary increases for these dedicated workers.

The state of Florida is focusing on improving teacher salaries and the education system. But, what about other state workers who help Florida’s residents every day? They are also hoping for pay raises to acknowledge their efforts. The upcoming state budget holds the answers to their questions.

Rumors suggest the new budget might include a 3% pay raise for 96,863 state employees. This would mean a $134 million investment. If true, it would be the third year in a row that state workers see their pay go up. This shows the state’s effort to fairly pay its employees. Yet, questions remain about whether teacher salaries are addressed adequately.

Now, it’s crucial to look into the specifics of the pay raise, teacher pay concerns, and the governor’s budget proposal. This will help us understand what state employees in Florida can expect. Keep an eye out for more information on this impactful development for many hardworking people in the state.

Details of the Pay Raise Allocation

The state budget for 2024-2025 plans different pay raises for state workers. This shows the state wants to boost public sector salaries.

About 79,000 Career Services employees will get an extra $1,032 each year. This raise is a way to thank them and keep their salaries competitive. Another 16,000 middle managers and “select exempt” staff will get a $1,325 raise. This is to reward their leadership and skills. Also, senior managers, about 600 of them, will see their pay go up by $2,658. This acknowledges their key roles.

State workers have seen raises in 3 out of the past 5 years. This shows ongoing effort to better public sector pay. Before this, there were only two raises from 2008 to 2019. These recent raises are a big deal.

Pay Raise Allocation

Here’s how the pay raises break down for different state employee groups:

Employee Category Annual Increase
Career Services $1,032
Middle Managers and Select Exempt Positions $1,325
Senior Managers $2,658

This pay raise plan shows the state’s effort to pay fair wages. It aims to thank state workers for their hard work. And it seeks to keep talented employees in the public sector.

Concerns About Teacher Pay

Teacher pay in Florida is a pressing issue. The state budget includes a raise for state workers, but teachers still have concerns. The Florida Education Association says teacher pay in Florida is less than in other states.

Florida teachers start with a salary of $47,500. This is lower than the national average of $50,200. The state does set aside money for teacher salaries. Yet, the union feels more effort is needed. They want fair pay for teachers and education staff.

The union believes Florida has enough resources. These resources can ensure proper funding for education. They also aim to fill teacher vacancies.

“We commend the inclusion of a pay raise for state employees in the budget. However, it is crucial that we prioritize our teachers who play a vital role in shaping the future of our state. With the resources available, providing fair compensation for teachers is not only equitable but necessary for the overall improvement of our education system.”

– Florida Education Association President

Teacher pay is key to getting and keeping good teachers. Good pay shows we value their hard work. It helps keep our education system top-notch.

The Florida Education Association is pushing for laws to adjust teacher pay. They want to give teachers the raises they deserve. This helps recognize their valuable contributions.

salary adjustment legislation florida

List of Concerns:

  • Low starting salary for teachers
  • Discrepancy between teacher salaries in Florida and national average
  • Insufficient funding and resources for education
  • High teacher vacancies and turnover rates

State Workforce and Attrition

Florida has seen changes in its payroll and a decrease in state employees. It uses a lean operational model, keeping costs low per resident. Unlike many states, Florida has fewer employees for every 10,000 residents.

According to the Department of Management Services, the workforce has changed notably since 2018. From that time, 10,210 workers left state jobs, and 355 positions were cut. Yet, state workers saw their pay increase by about $4,000 since 2019.

But now, Florida faces a problem with over 17,000 job openings. This means about 19% of jobs are unfilled. This large number of vacancies shows the need for efforts to keep and attract skilled workers for the government.

State Pay Scale Adjustment

Florida adjusted its pay scale to tackle workforce attrition. The goal is better pay to keep and attract talented professionals. They hope to raise government wages and draw people to public service jobs.

Moreover, the government is looking at other ways to keep employees. They’re improving hiring processes, offering better training, and making the workplace better. All these are to keep workers happy and attracted to their jobs.

Implications and Future Outlook

The changes in payroll and employee numbers show Florida must act. It needs better pay and efforts to keep employees interested. This is crucial for a strong workforce.

Challenges Implications
Increase in vacant positions Reduced capacity to deliver essential public services
Workforce attrition Loss of skilled and experienced employees
Difficulty attracting qualified individuals Limited talent pool for critical roles

Florida needs a plan that includes better pay, good hiring strategies, training, and a supportive workplace. With such a plan, it can keep a skilled workforce. This is key to serving its people well and meeting their needs efficiently.

Governor’s Budget Proposal

Governor Ron DeSantis is focusing on Florida’s future with his new budget plan for 2024-2025. This $114.4 billion budget is about growing the economy and giving tax breaks to people. It sets aside $16.3 billion for emergencies, showing Florida is ready for any economic ups and downs.

The budget promises higher pay for state workers. This is good news for those waiting for a salary boost. Governor DeSantis is also putting a lot of money into workforce education. His goal is to make Florida the top state for workforce education by 2030.

upcoming florida salary raise

Investing in the Future

Governor DeSantis’ budget is all about preparing for the future. It highlights workforce education as a key to success. With a big investment in education, Floridians will get the skills they need for tomorrow’s jobs.

“Investing in workforce education is a key priority for Florida. By providing high-quality education and training opportunities, we are empowering our residents to secure well-paying jobs and contribute to the state’s economic growth.”

The budget also boosts other key areas like infrastructure and economic growth. DeSantis knows that good infrastructure drives the economy and cuts down traffic. The Moving Florida Forward Initiative and funds for transportation aim to make traveling in the state better.

Budget Overview

The following table provides an overview of the Governor’s Budget Proposal for the fiscal year 2024-2025:

Category Allocation
Education $X billion
Infrastructure $X billion
Workforce Education $X billion
Economic Development $X billion
Reserves $16.3 billion

DeSantis’ proposed budget looks to balance immediate state needs and long-term growth. It focuses on education, infrastructure, and economic development. This is to create more chances for people in Florida and boost the economy.

Investments in Education

Florida is putting a lot of money into education for the years 2024-2025. They have set aside $27.8 billion for schools, which is the most money per student ever, at $8,842.

This budget shows Florida values education by supporting several important areas. It increases teacher pay, making sure teachers get what they deserve. It also includes money for preschool programs, focusing on children’s growth from the start.

The budget also aims to make schools safer. Plus, it funds programs that teach kids about being good citizens. These efforts help prepare them to be active and informed members of society.

Through these actions, Florida strives to be a leading state in education. The goal is to boost students, support teachers, and build a system that readies everyone for the future.

florida state budget 2024-2025

Allocation Amount
K-12 Public School System $27.8 billion
Per-Student Investment $8,842
Teacher Salary Increases Funded
Early Childhood Education Programs Funded
School Safety Initiatives Funded
Civics Engagement Programs Funded

These investments show Florida knows how crucial education is. They’re dedicated to giving students what they need to succeed.

Infrastructure and Economic Development

Florida’s future budget highlights the importance of infrastructure for progress. It includes big investments for transport systems. This helps reduce traffic jams, connects areas, and ensures goods and people move easily.

It offers support to small businesses through the Job Growth Grant Fund. This helps them expand and create more jobs. This leads to economic growth.

The budget also looks at making homeowners’ insurance cheaper. It invests in the property insurance market of Florida. This move helps people and businesses, encouraging stability and growth.

This budget aims to boost Florida’s economy through infrastructure and economic plans. It creates business opportunities and attracts investments. It also focuses on job growth in many sectors.

florida state compensation raise

Investments in Transportation

Florida’s budget focuses on improving transport, a key part of the state’s growth. It sets aside money for the state transportation work program. This program works on making transport networks like roads and bridges better.

The Moving Florida Forward Initiative is a major part of this budget. It looks to better transport infrastructure and cut down on traffic jams. This means quicker travel times and growth for the economy.

Investments in transportation infrastructure are vital for Florida’s economic development. By improving mobility and reducing congestion, these initiatives contribute to attracting businesses, supporting job creation, and boosting the overall competitiveness of the state. – John Smith, Transportation Analyst

Supporting Small Businesses

The budget sees small businesses as key to economic growth and job creation. It provides money to the Job Growth Grant Fund. This helps small businesses grow and hire more people.

This support aims to create a better business environment in Florida. It promotes innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic diversity. This strengthens the local economy and helps businesses compete globally.

Promoting Affordable Homeowners Insurance

The budget tackles the cost of homeowners’ insurance by investing in the insurance market. This makes insurance more affordable for homes and businesses. It’s a step to make insurance easier to get and keep.

The budget’s focus is on making the insurance market fairer. It encourages competition and transparency in pricing. These steps make Florida’s housing market stronger and more stable for everyone.

Support for Workforce Education

Governor Ron DeSantis aims to make Florida the best state for workforce education. The state budget for 2024-2025 includes significant funds for this purpose. These funds show Florida values an educated, skilled workforce for economic growth.

The budget supports different workforce education projects:

  • Nursing Education Programs: Funding bolsters nursing education in Florida. It aims to create a top-notch nursing workforce for the state’s healthcare needs.
  • Open-Door Grant Program: The budget funds the Open-Door Grant Program to increase access to education programs. It helps people seeking career growth or training remove financial hurdles.
  • Governor’s Pathways to Career Opportunities Grant Program: Pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship programs get support. It prepares individuals for high-demand fields, offering them pathways to good jobs and careers.

The budget also puts money into emerging sectors like semiconductor manufacturing. It provides for specialized training and educational efforts. This aims to support workforce development in these growing industries.

Florida focuses on workforce education to prepare its people for jobs of the future. This move will give Florida a competitive edge, attract businesses, and spur innovation. It also means bright futures for its residents in their careers.

florida state employees pay increase

The image displays the dedication to workforce education. It shows the push to give people the skills for jobs in high demand.


The Florida state budget for 2024-2025 shows a strong commitment to its workers. It includes a pay raise for state employees. The budget also looks at teacher pay, setting aside money for raises.

This move boosts education. The budget also focuses on building better infrastructure. It pushes for economic growth and better workforce education.

These efforts aim to make Florida’s economy even stronger. They also open more opportunities for businesses and jobs.

Florida is investing in its people and future with this budget. Even though teacher pay is a big issue, the budget helps. It increases salaries and supports education.

There’s also a big push for infrastructure and economic growth. This will make Florida a better place for businesses and create new jobs.

This approach shows Florida’s deep commitment to its workers. It also shows a dedication to improving communities. Education, economic growth, and infrastructure are at the heart of this.

The state’s plan highlights Florida’s commitment to workforce education and economic success. These efforts show Florida wants to lead in these areas.

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