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SPD MP Diaby issues death threat

Further attacks on politicians
SPD MP Diaby issues death threat

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Politicians are increasingly exposed to hostility, both physically and online. For SPD member of the Bundestag Diaby, another threat against him and his staff is the last straw. He vows to fight back.

SPD member of the Bundestag Karamba Diaby has published a death threat against him on his Instagram profile. “I will not be intimidated. I will defend myself,” he wrote. That is why he decided to “publish the last of the many threats and racist hate messages against me.” Diaby's employees are also threatened in the letter.

In the post, Diaby complains that the tone around politicians has become harsher. “For me, the level of hate and incitement has reached a new level. I now encounter it every day in news and commentaries, but also in the German Bundestag.” The MP criticized the right-wing populists. “The hatred that the AfD also sows every day with its misanthropic narratives is reflected in concrete psychological and physical violence! This endangers the cohesion of our society.”

In the past, the constituency office in Halle (Saale) of the Senegalese-born politician has been the target of attacks several times. In May 2023, for example, a door was set on fire. He is revealing the death threat against him at a time marked by headlines of increasing physical attacks on politicians from all parties.

Further attacks on politicians

Recently, the Thuringia regional association of the Left Party reported an attack on the direct and list candidate Steffen Much in a supermarket. Without any reason, he was first insulted by a man at the checkout and then grabbed by his T-shirt. According to party sources, Much was unharmed and filed a police report against the attacker, whose name he knew.

According to the party, the Saxon AfD state parliament member Hans-Jürgen Zickler was attacked by a man at an information stand in Dresden. The man suddenly punched the 70-year-old Zickler in the face, said the AfD Saxony spokesman Andreas Harlaß. The attacker was detained until the police arrived. A criminal complaint has been filed.

Dresden police confirmed an incident. According to them, a 47-year-old man hit a 70-year-old man at a polling station. The suspect's personal details were recorded. He is being investigated on suspicion of bodily harm. The police did not name names for reasons of privacy protection.

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