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Seattle To Portland Bike Ride 2024

Are you ready for the Seattle to Portland Bike Ride 2024? This isn’t just any race. Organized by Kaiser Permanente and Alaska Airlines, it’s a true adventure! It’s perfect for both experienced cyclists and beginners. This 206-mile journey will test your endurance and leave you with memories for a lifetime.

Can you handle the miles of urban and rural landscapes? Join thousands of cyclists. Push your limits for advocacy, education, and community. This great event is brought to you by the Cascade Bicycle Club. It supports programs that benefit the cycling community.

Stay tuned for more information on registration, the route, and rest stops. Prepare for an unforgettable journey. The Seattle To Portland Bike Ride 2024 is calling your name!

Registration and Packet Pickup

Are you ready for the adrenaline-pumping Seattle To Portland Bike Ride 2024? Make sure to register early to join the fun. The process is simple and caters to both members and non-members of the Cascade Bicycle Club. Key details are as follows:

  • Registration Dates: Members start in January. Non-members can join from February.
  • Early Registration Savings: Sign up early to save $20. Prices go up on May 1, so act fast and save.
  • Rider Packets: Register by June 25, and your rider packet will be mailed the week before the event. It’s a handy way to get set for the ride.
  • Packet Pickup: Registering between June 26 and July 7? Pick up your packet at the start line and get going quickly.
  • Registration Fees: The fee gets you into the ride, along with rest stop access, support, baggage service, a meal at the finish, and a special T-shirt.
  • Add-On Services: Enhance your experience with extra services like parking, bus passes, and bike transport. Available for purchase during registration.

This bike ride is a chance to explore and achieve. So, register early, claim your spot, and prepare for a memorable journey.

Registration Dates Registration Type Registration Fees
January – May 1 Members $150
February – May 1 Non-Members $170
May 2 – June 7 Members $170
May 2 – June 7 Non-Members $190
June 8 – June 25 Members $190
June 8 – July 7 Non-Members $210

Route and Schedule

Riders starting this amazing journey will enjoy a well-planned schedule. It ensures a smooth and fun ride. Here’s what’s happening and when:

Packet Pickup and Bag Drop

The event begins with packet pickup and bag drop on Friday. Riders get their packets, which include bib numbers and pre-ordered goods. This makes the start line process easier.

If you can’t come on Friday, there’s another chance for packet pickup and bag drop on Saturday. This helps riders get ready for their big cycling day.

Start Line

On ride day, participants have set times to start. This depends on if they’re finishing in one or two days. Planed start times help manage the flow of cyclists and avoid jams.

Course Support Hours

For everyone’s safety and comfort, course support is available at certain times. Volunteers and staff are ready along the way. They offer help, keep an eye on progress, and handle any problems.

Finish Line

Reaching the finish line is a big win for riders, completing the Seattle To Portland Bike Ride. They can cross until 9:00 p.m. on Saturday and until 7:00 p.m. on Sunday. This gives everyone time to celebrate their success.

As riders finish, they feel a great sense of success and bond with other cyclists. There’s a meal to celebrate and a chance to get a STP finisher T-shirt. This T-shirt is a keepsake of their awesome ride.

This full schedule lets riders plan their Seattle To Portland Bike Ride well. It promises a smooth and enjoyable ride from beginning to end.

STP 2024 route map

STP Bike Ride Dates 2024

Date Event
January Registration opens for Cascade Bicycle Club members
February Registration opens for non-members
May 1 Price increase for registration
June 25 Last day for rider packets to be mailed
June 26 – July 7 Packet pickup available at start line
July 9 – 10 Early packet pickup and bag drop
July 10 Packet pickup and bag drop
July 11 – 12 STP Bike Ride


Riders in the Seattle To Portland Bike Ride have good transportation options. They help make the experience better. Whether going to the event or needing a ride back, you have choices.

Alaska Airlines STP Discounts

Alaska Airlines partners with the Seattle To Portland Bike Ride to give discounts. Book your flights by July 14 to get lower fares for July 11 to 18. Use these special rates to plan your trip early.

Pre-Ride Bus

The Portland Bicycling Club arranges buses and trucks on Friday before the ride. They take riders from Portland to Seattle easily. You can choose bus only or also transport your bike.

Post-Ride Bus

After the ride, buses on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday take you and your bike back to Seattle. From the finish line in Portland, it’s an easy ride back. This lets you rest and think about what you did.

Traveling to the Seattle To Portland Bike Ride is simple with Alaska Airlines and buses. Plan ahead to make the trip smooth and fun from start to finish.

Inclusion and Acknowledgment

The Cascade Bicycle Club focuses on diversity and inclusion in biking. They aim to make everyone feel welcome, whether they’re biking in the city or countryside. Their efforts shine during the Seattle To Portland Bike Ride, aiming for an inclusive experience.

The club knows the ride happens on native land, mainly the Duwamish People’s. They believe in honoring the first people of Seattle. Respecting the history and culture of the lands we bike through is key.

The Cascade Bicycle Club wants everyone to feel part of the group. They offer help and support from the beginning to the end of the ride. Their goal is to make biking more welcoming and understanding, by celebrating diversity and honoring native peoples.

Cascade Bicycle Club Inclusion

Inclusivity Initiatives Why It Matters
Safe Spaces The Cascade Bicycle Club creates safe spaces at start lines, finish lines, and rest stops, ensuring all participants feel comfortable and respected.
Recognition of Native Land By acknowledging the native lands the ride traverses, the club promotes cultural understanding and respect for indigenous communities.
Inclusivity in Action The Cascade Bicycle Club actively works towards inclusivity by fostering an environment that values diversity and welcomes riders of all backgrounds.

Rest Stops and Breaks

The Seattle To Portland Bike Ride has many rest stops along the way. These places let riders take breaks and eat or drink something. They have what you need to stay full and hydrated during the ride.

Official Rest Stops

There are four main rest stops on the route. You will find restrooms, water, and snacks at these stops. You can grab fresh fruit, PB&Js, or other tasty snacks. Here’s a look at what each stop offers:

Rest Stop Mile Marker Amenities
Rest Stop 1 55 Water, snacks, restrooms
Rest Stop 2 100 Water, snacks, restrooms
Rest Stop 3 155 Water, snacks, restrooms
Rest Stop 4 203 Water, snacks, restrooms

There’s a special lunch stop too, only on Saturday for one-day riders. It’s a good place for a longer break. Here, riders can have a good meal and recharge before going on.

Unofficial Rest Stops

There are also unofficial rest stops along the route. They’re set up by locals, businesses, or supporters. These spots give riders more chances to rest and grab something quick.

Even though they’re not official, these places add to the friendly feel of the ride. Look for signs and volunteers ready to offer something refreshing or a kind word.

STP Rest Stops Image


Joining the Seattle To Portland Bike Ride means arranging places to stay along the way. You’ll want comfy spots to rest, whether near the start, midpoint, or finish line in Portland. There’s something for every need.

University of Washington Dorm Rooms

Staying near the start line? The University of Washington has dorm rooms ready. They’re budget-friendly and right where the action starts. This means you can sleep well before starting the 206-mile journey.

Mid-Point Lodging

For the two-day event, several spots offer rest between 100 and 150 miles in. Options range from private rooms to tent and RV camping. These places let you recharge and get ready for the next day’s ride.

Finish Line Lodging

Reaching Portland brings several hotel deals for STP riders. The DoubleTree and Hyatt Regency are among the favorites. They’re near the finish line and offer comfy places to celebrate and relax.

Don’t forget to secure your lodging early to get the spot you want. With all the choices, you’ll find the perfect place to refresh during your journey.

Seattle to Portland Accommodations

Ride Support and Services

The Seattle To Portland Bike Ride offers great support and services for a great experience. You’ll find help for mechanical issues and traffic management. Here is what’s available:

SAG Vehicles and Outriders

SAG vehicles are ready along the route for help with your bike or minor injuries. They have spare parts, tools, and first aid. Outriders, who know the route well, can guide you and answer questions.


Mechanics wait at the start and at most rest stops. They ensure bikes work well. You can get help with repairs or a flat tire, keeping your ride smooth.

Traffic Officers

Highway crossings can be tricky during this big event. Traffic officers are at important spots to keep riders safe. They manage traffic and help you cross places like the Longview Bridge into Oregon safely.

Cascade staff, volunteers, and local services all work together to support riders. This ensures a safe and enjoyable journey from Seattle to Portland.

For more info on support and services, see the table below:

Support and Services Description
SAG Vehicles Support vehicles equipped with spare parts, tools, and first aid supplies to assist riders with mechanical or minor medical issues.
Outriders Experienced cyclists who provide guidance, support, and assistance throughout the ride.
Mechanics Stationed at the start line and most official rest stops to provide bike repairs, adjustments, and tire changes.
Traffic Officers Posted at highway crossings to manage traffic flow and ensure the safety of riders.

Next, we’ll talk about weather conditions and tips for preparing your bike. This can help you plan for a successful ride.

Weather and Bike Preparation

Getting ready for the Seattle To Portland Bike Ride means preparing for any weather. You may face rain, extreme heat, and sunshine in July. Dressing in layers is wise, as the day’s temperature can shift.

Your bike must be in excellent shape for the 206-mile trip. Check your brakes, chain, and lights for proper function. A well-maintained bike ensures a smoother, safer journey.

Don’t overlook these bike prep tips:

  • Bring front and rear lights with backup batteries to stay visible when it’s dark.
  • Installing fenders can shield you and your bike from water or mud.
  • Have tools and supplies, like a spare tube, tire levers, and a mini-pump, ready for repairs.
  • Remember to pack sunscreen and sunglasses to guard against UV rays.

With your bike in prime condition and weather readiness, you’re all set for the Seattle To Portland Bike Ride. Enjoy the ride and the views of the Pacific Northwest.

STP ride weather

Essential Bike Preparation Checklist

Component Check
Brakes Ensure proper function and brake pad condition
Chain Lubricate and check for any signs of wear
Lights Test front and rear lights and carry backup batteries
Tires Check for proper inflation and any signs of damage
Tools and Supplies Carry essential tools, spare tubes, tire levers, and a mini-pump
Sun Protection Pack sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the sun’s rays

Training and Preparation Tips

Getting ready for the Seattle To Portland Bike Ride is key for a great experience. The Cascade Bicycle Club has many resources and training options. With the right training plan, group rides, and focus on food and drink, riders can do their best.

Orientation Classes and Training Resources

The Cascade Bicycle Club offers classes and resources for the big ride. These sessions talk about bike upkeep, riding skills, and how to train. Attending can help both new and seasoned riders.

There are also online training plans for different fitness and distance goals. These plans help riders get stronger, endure longer, and gain confidence for the event.

Group Rides and Cycling Skills Classes

Joining group rides and skill classes can boost your riding and create friendships. Group rides help with pack riding, tackling various terrains, and getting advice from seasoned cyclists. The club sets up many rides for all levels throughout the year.

Skill classes can improve your riding technique, efficiency, and road confidence. Riders learn about cornering, descending, and riding in groups. With these skills, riders will feel ready for the Seattle To Portland Bike Ride.

Nutrition and Hydration

Eating and drinking right is crucial for your performance on the ride. A good diet plan ensures you have the energy and hydration you need.

Before the ride, eat a mix of carbs, proteins, and fats. This mix helps with energy stores, muscle recovery, and growth. Drink water and electrolytes to avoid dehydration during training and the actual event.

At the rest stops during the ride, there will be snacks, water, and sports drinks. It’s key to listen to what your body needs and eat and drink accordingly.

For more tips on eating and drinking well for long bike rides, look here:

  • Dr Gabe Mirkin on Health, Fitness, and Nutrition
  • Road Bike Rider
  • Cycling Performance Tips

Training and Preparation Tips Summary

To sum it up, riders should use the Cascade Bicycle Club’s resources and training for the Seattle To Portland Bike Ride. Orientation sessions and resources are very useful. Group rides and skill classes make you a better rider. It’s also key to eat and drink right for top performance. For more help, check out Dr Gabe Mirkin on Health, Fitness, and Nutrition, Road Bike Rider, and Cycling Performance Tips.

STP training

Training Tips Key Takeaways
Incorporate orientation classes and training resources provided by the Cascade Bicycle Club Gain valuable insights and guidance specific to the Seattle To Portland Bike Ride
Participate in group rides Improve riding skills, experience different terrains, and receive feedback
Attend cycling skills classes Enhance bike handling skills, efficiency, and confidence on the road
Develop a fueling strategy Consume a variety of nutrient-rich foods to support energy levels
Stay hydrated Drink water regularly and incorporate electrolyte-rich fluids
Consult resources such as Dr Gabe Mirkin on Health, Fitness, and Nutrition, Road Bike Rider, and Cycling Performance Tips Gain additional guidance on nutrition and hydration


The Seattle To Portland Bike Ride spans 206 miles of stunning views. It’s a top cycling event in the Pacific Northwest. Riders can finish in one or two days, fitting all skill levels.

There are plenty of rest stops and full support services. This means riders can just enjoy the journey. The event starts in January, exciting cyclists and the Cascade Bicycle Club members.

To get ready, riders should train hard and use the club’s resources. Strong, enduring, and confident riders have a better experience. They’re ready for any challenge.

With the right training, nutrition, and support, you can be one of the finishers. You’ll feel the joy and achievement of this epic ride. It’s a real cycling feat, surrounded by friends and fellow riders.

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